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Mission statement

We especially want to give girls and women an orientation in life, to encourage them to live their own lives against all odds. We want to counteract forced and early marriage on the one hand and prevent child labor on the other. The women and girls should be enabled to take their future into their own hands and to change and shape it positively for themselves and their children.


We want to make a decisive contribution to preventing female genital mutilation through these educational measures.


Our goal is to create a possibility for education for every child so that every child in the project area has the opportunity to regularly take part in school. Children with and without disabilities should receive special support according to the possibilities. We also want to provide young adults, single mothers, women and girls with after school opportunities to learn skills and abilities for certain professions in an integrated training and education center. The aim is to enable them to generate a regular income for themselves. Through this, these people can create a basis for their life, support their families and become more independent. At the same time, they stabilize their psychological resilience and learn how to deal with problems better.


It is important to us to ensure regular health care and prevention of spreading of diseases, especially for children as well as parents and large families. We want to provide help with necessary current health problems and provide quick support in such situations.


We strive to give sustainable development aid. In order to achieve this goal, in addition to promoting health and education, it is necessary to improve the living conditions of the rural population by converting the fields to ecologically and economically more sensible systems.


We strive to prefer local resources. What doesn't necessarily have to be imported is bought close by and what doesn't necessarily have to be done mechanically is done by hand. The existing resources of the villagers or project partners in Kenya are included.

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