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Sponsorship model


The school system in Kenya is currently structured as following: 8 - 4 - 4. The primary school lasts 8 years, the secondary school 4 years and then approx. 4 years of study or a shorter vocational training. Visiting the state schools in Kenya is free of charge, but school uniforms, school books, sporting events, excursions, security at schools, boarding and meals incur school costs that the parents often cannot afford.


Beate Dahmen was in Kenya for the first time in January 2019 and was able to get an overview of the situation in the village. She met several children who were finishing their eight-year primary school and would like to continue to secondary school because of their good grades. The costs to attend the secondary school are several times higher than at the primary school. It is therefore not possible for parents, who often only live from agriculture, to pay these costs for their children. This increases the risk that the 12-14 year old girls will be married early by their parents - often to significantly older men (50-70 years old). In accordance with tradition, genital mutilation is often carried out on the girls (FGM - Female Genital Mutilation). The girls often have infections, bleeding, and lifelong painful urination, menstruation, and childbirth after this painful procedure. This ritual triggers particularly psychological problems for girls and women, which are rarely discussed. During his stay in Kenya in January 2019, Gregory Kasenge's intervention prevented the girl Binti from being circumcised at the last minute.


We started the sponsorship model ‘Lucky students‘ and ’Lucky kids‘ in January 2020. Thanks to the sponsors found, 18 girls and boys can now attend secondary school. In addition, a girl - Fatuma - finishes her sewing training and Kevin - a young man who has successfully completed his secondary school can take the driver's license to prepare for agricultural training.


It is a great success. With a personal sponsorship - Lucky students - you can support a child directly for schooling. Since the children also need a lot of additional materials for school and boarding school, as mentioned above, there is the Lucky Kids educational pool. From this we help the parents to finance the necessary school materials. Through a non-personal donation you can generally help that children can meet the requirements for attending school.


We offer the following sponsorship options:

‘Lucky Students’ full school sponsorship for € 35 a month

‘Lucky Students’ small school sponsorship for € 20 a month

Lucky Kids monthly / semi-annual / annual donation for the sponsorship pool - possible from 1 euro/ month (for school materials, uniform, material for boarding / boarding)


"Every EURO helps children to take steps towards a better future"


With the above, we would like to sponsor school attendance, including boarding, for the entire school period.


For example, it is possible to share a full sponsorship with your family / colleagues / friends. Or 2 friends take over a small sponsorship each and share the sponsorship for a child.


Our sponsors have the opportunity to have personal contact with “their” sponsored child - in the form of letters, photos or perhaps by visiting the child in Mwandogo during the holiday months of April, August or December. From Chanzo Kenya we are happy to take an envelope with small gifts for your child (calculator, set square, compass, pens etc.) when we fly to Kenya. We hope to have gotten your curiosity with the above statements and look forward to many more sponsors, who will give the boys and girls the chance to lead a self-determined life. You can also find brief information and our sponsorship application here on this page. Either you send it to us filled in or you clarify questions about it by phone or in person at an information evening. Use the contact option and we will inform you fully about our sponsorship model. Our project manager, Ms. Beate Dahmen, will be happy to answer your questions.

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