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Learning is difficult on an empty stomach! A child needs food to learn.


UJI is the daily breakfast for the children early in the morning in Kenya and also in Mwandogo before they go to school.


In most families, especially in difficult times, food is often only enough for one meal a day, and this is prepared in the evening. In order to give the children a good start to the day and to give them the energy they need, one of our first projects aimed specifically at the children and is called "UJI breakfast porridge campaign".


UJI is a porridge that they have usually for breakfast. It consists of corn flour, sugar, water and milk and is all cooked together. It is very popular between children. Thanks to a generous donation, we were initially able to buy the groceries for 1 year, so that the women in the village were able to prepare the porridge for 60 children in Mwandogo on all school days. We started the project in May 2018 during our visit to the village and the joy of the mothers and children was very great to see. Uji increases the children's attention, their mothers are happy to tell us that their children prefer to go to school more regularly and are able to attend classes.


Because of this positive response, it goes without saying that we strive to continue and expand the project so that up to 160 children can get their Uji porridge in the morning, especially in times of climate-related food shortages. This is just a drop in the bucket, but the children are at least empowered to participate more intensely in school.


In order to continue this important project in the future and to be able to provide the children with the necessary energy, we continue to rely on donations. Help us to lay the foundations for a good school education for children in Mwandogo with a healthy breakfast!

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