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Members, campaign groups and supporters


We are looking for YOU - everyone, no matter if young or old!


There is always a lot to do in charity work with various projects and therefore we are particularly looking for other members and supporters who develop ideas to generate donations with which we can co-finance our projects.


We would be delighted if you donate your talent - no matter in which area it is - with a little bit of time. We want the comitted, the creative, the funny and the loud, who contribute through action, soccer games, charity sponsor runs, concerts, lectures at the university, at the company party, etc. etc…as well those who contribute silently.


Any contribution and support is welcome, it may be

  • help with stands and informing people and selling products from Kenya and homemade products

  • preparation of self-made products to sell

  • people who enjoy working with each other, tinkering, making soap, liqueurs and herbal oils for information stands, having fun sewing or other things

  • organization and assistance with information events

  • project development

  • content creation in working groups to prepare new projects
  • know-how on development aid topic (e.g. water projects, agriculture, afforestation, animal husbandry, health insurance, sewing / tailoring, handicrafts, childcare, support for educational projects ...)

  • editorial and administrative work - public relations, contact to the press

  • fundraising, contact to possible sponsors

arranging possible new donors for projects, advertising for the projects (at school, work, friends, etc.)

 ideas for creative advertising measures (e.g. African cooking evening for friends or parents in  daycare centers, a fundraiser instead of gifts for a birthday)

  • introducing and publicizing the charity in other charity

  • help for organization of the sponsorship run and/or participation

  • donations (children's clothes, outdoor-toys, school supplies, school backpacks etc.)

  • likes and parts of the project in your social networks


We are looking for YOU - people who enjoy giving hope to others. People who have the time, desire and interest to work on our projects, to help at the information and sales booth or to actively contribute to the preparation and organization of campaigns and projects. There is something for EVERYONE - EVERY help is valuable and is particularly appreciated! We would be happy to tell you more during a conversation and cordially invite you to become active with us.


Everyone who wants to get involved is welcome!

We would like to thank all of our association members, sponsors and donors who have made project work in Mwandogo possible. We have achieved this either through their active support in the preparation and implementation of information and sales stands, by participating in the sponsor run and / or by regular donations!

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